Ducky's Adventures!

A few weekends ago I took myself to Albany and toured two very different historic houses, the first was the Crailo mansion which was built in the early 18th century by the Van Rensselar family.  The house was interesting and if your ever in the area I recommend a visit! The house also has water front views of the Hudson (wonder how much that is worth??) Also they have a fabulous short film (5 minutes) that they took court records and a painting from Fort Orange and made a movie! Definitely worth watching!! They used some images of the Van Alen house (the Dutch home where I work.  It is wonderful to me that so many places use images of that house … I am honored to say I work there!)

Deciding to make a day of it I drove across the river to the Schuyler mansion (of Rev. War fame).  His house was MAGNICENT literally my dream.  Furnished perfectly big but not huse perfect! I A girl can dream right!After leaving the house I got LOST in Albany (in a shady neighborhood OF COURSE!) and my gas light came on.  But I made it home in one piece!

You can visit the websites for Crailo Here and the Schuyler Mansion Here  

The image at the top is one I took from my car (pulled over) on 9J (one of the millions of 9’s in this state) … I wish my camera could to justice to the view. 

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